浙江國自機器人技術有限公司專注于移動機器人的開發和推廣,集科研開發、生產制造、市場營銷及工程服務為一體, 致力于為市場提供一流的具有國際競爭力的機器人技術、產品和解決方案,業務已覆蓋智能移動機器人、智能制造等領域。公司產品廣泛應用于電力、汽車、橡膠輪胎、物流、煤炭、鐵路等行業,擁有國家電網、南網、巨星、杭叉、娃哈哈、中策等高端客戶。





Zhejiang Guozi RoboticsCo., Ltd. is focusing on development and promotion of mobile robots. Our company integrates scientific research, manufacturing, marketing and engineering service, providing the top robot technologies and best products and solutions in the world. Our business covers intelligent mobile robots, intelligent manufacturing and so on. Products are widely used in electric power, automobile, rubber tire, logistics, papermaking, coal, railway and other industries. The company has a batch of high-end customers including State Grid Corporation of China, China Southern Power Grid, Greatstar, Hangcha, Wahaha and Zhongce Rubber.
The company owns a powerful technical strength, has an omni-directional technical research and development capacity for mobile robots, which covers machinery, electric circuit, software, algorithm, electrical, complete equipment integration and other inter-discipline fields related to robot technologies. The technology system of the company is centering on the international leading autonomous navigation technology, mobile chassis technology, supplemented intelligent data analysis technology and accurate actuator operation technology, so as to achieve the robot diversification for severe environments and realize flexible use to completely replace manual operation. 
The company has grasped a series of domestic advanced technologies and international top technologies, like environmental learning and accurate positioning technology of intelligent mobile robots based on multi-sensor fusion, dynamic path planning and accurate trajectory tracking technology, multi-shaft synchronous efficient and stable control technology for mobile robots, data mining technology based on deep learning and smart cloud, multi-agent distributed cooperation technology, special environmental protection technology and intrinsic safety technology.  


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